When you list with me: What sets me apart


Whether you’re selling your first home, are in a hurry to vacate, or just don’t know where you’re going to find the time to get everything done, I take the overwhelming edge off of your home selling process.


Where Do We Start?

I will evaluate the market trends of your neighborhood and take account of all upgrades, features and charms that make your home special to determine a fair and favorable list price.

Getting your home ready

After decades of building a network of respected vendors and contractors,  I will connect you with trusted carpenters, electricians, painters, landscapers, and more to get your home market-ready.

I can schedule your appointments and will stay on top of the progress to assure that everything is completed in the time and at the quality guaranteed.

Bringing your home to its full potential

Before we take photos of your home I will connect you with a professional stager- an interior designer who specializes in design that compliments the structure and features of a home. The idea is that your home is a canvas and the buyer is imagining how they can paint their lives into it when evaluating a home.  Staging is a complimentary service that I offer to sellers.

Capturing your home’s charm

Another complientary listing service that I provide is professional interior and exterior  photographs.  Our photographer takes photos from every angle of every room and my team hand-picks each photo to create the best representation of your home, outside and in.

Sign at the digital line

The contractual documents required to list and sell your home throughout the process from start to finish accumulate quickly. Rather than coming to my office with every amendment and addendum drawn up, you can sign digitally from your own computer or mobile smart device via DocuSign,  an email-based digital signature designed for ease, accessibility, and security.

Never be left in the dark

It is not uncommon for agents to get so caught up in advocating for your home that they forget to report back to you. I pride myself in providing clients with constant and consistent updates throughout the process. I will provide you with feedback from each agent that shows your home, give you weekly updates of your local market and make sure that you fully understand where we are with your home sale- waiting for an appraisal? Scheduling inspections?  I am filling you in every step of the way.

Protect your home

What happens when one of your appliances breaks while your home is listed? Your garbage disposal is on the fritz, your range exhaust is making a terrible sound, the bubbles in your jetted tub are not what they once were, and the buyers are insisting that you fix all of it after their home inspection.  I provide you with a complimentary home warranty when I list your home that covers dozens of potential home issues.

Consistent office presence

When I’m out of the office my business doesn’t stop, meaning your needs don’t come second. I have on my team a trusted Client Care Coordinator who is a licensed real estate agent. She has my and my clients’ backs to ensure that no call, email, or step along the way to your closing falls through the cracks.

Help to get you where you’re going

Moving down the street isn’t a simple process, never mind moving to an unfamiliar area. In the midst of packing, negations, and coordinating your future life in your new town, Googling, “best real estate agents in Connecticut” is not the most effective move.

As a Certified Relocation Specialist, I can connect you with a top agent in your new town to help you find your home. Utilizing my network of CRS colleagues, I will personally interview agents by telephone and send the best over to you so you can choose your perfect match.

Call me for a free home pricing evaluation  and complimentary Seller Book